What Can I Give My Dog To Relax For Grooming?

Dogs are just like humans when it comes to anxiety. They may falsely feel that even the smallest action will damage them since they cannot sense actual hazards as humans do. Grooming, for example, whether done at home or by a groomer, can be a stressful experience for a dog.

While behavioral adjustments may be beneficial, sedation may be required for some dogs during a home grooming session. If your dog becomes aggressive or anxious while being groomed, you will need to give him sedatives or relaxing drugs.

When Do Dogs Require Sedatives?

Some dogs go their entire lives without being given any sedatives. Other pets have long-term anxiety issues, such as separation anxiety, that harm their safety and quality of life.

Many dogs are in the middle of these two extremes. An appropriate level of nervousness is expected in particular situations, such as during a groomer’s visit or when a new pet is adopted at home. During travel, grooming, or toenail trimming, some dogs experience short-term but significant anxiety.

Sedatives will likely be beneficial if the dog’s anxiety is persistent/long-term, severe, or to the point where safety is a worry.

Why Do Dogs Need To Be Groomed?

Grooming is an essential element of your dog’s overall wellness. Dull fur, droopy ears, and too-long nails are a pain for your dog, and if left untreated, they can lead to more significant health issues.

Grooming can quickly turn into a nightmare if your dog is apprehensive or anxious about the grooming procedure, from bathing to brushing, cleaning ears to clipping nails.

How Can You Keep Your Dog Calm During Grooming?

It’s a good idea to start a routine while your dog is young, whether you’re rearing it at home or taking it to a professional groomer. Your dog will start to look normal and not be fearful if you start brushing, trimming nails, and washing the skin around the ears regularly.

Professional groomers are trained in many techniques to assist frightened or anxious pets to feel more at ease. Taking your puppy to the groomer can help him learn that grooming is a normal and pleasurable part of his day.

Starting to groom your dog at home when he or she is young is a terrific way for both of you to feel at ease with the procedure. Grooming your dog while it is still young and controllable will also help you gain confidence.

Sedate Your Dog

If your dog is frightened or worried while being groomed, he or she may need to see a veterinarian to explore medication sedative options. Although there are a variety of effective anti-anxiety and sedatives for dogs, not all sedatives are effective for all dogs.

Diazepam, acepromazine, gabapentin, and fluoxetine are sedatives that your veterinarian may prescribe for your dog. Do not, however, administer sedatives to your dog without first visiting your veterinarian.

Other Ways To Keep A Dog Relaxed Before Grooming

  • Exercising vigorously is one of the finest methods to calm your dog down. Long walks, running, chasing the ball, or playing with other dogs at the dog park are all excellent ways to relax your dog without resorting to medicine. Grooming will be a nice and simple activity once your dog has expended all of its energy.
  • Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool for teaching your dog to be calm and comfortable. When you praise and reward your dog for sitting down to brush or allow you to clip his nails, he will learn proper grooming etiquette. Take things as they come and try not to get too caught up in the problem.
  • Dogs enjoy being petted, and grooming time is no exception. Throughout the grooming procedure, patting and holding your scared dog can help reassure them that everything is great, and they have nothing to be afraid of.

Is It Safe For Dogs To Take Sedatives?

When a dog is sedated, it must be calm enough to be groomed at home. Some people believe that sedative medicine is the same as strict medicine. Although many owners employ this strategy, it is not the only one. When administered as instructed by a veterinarian, the sedative is completely safe.

A veterinarian will assist you in making the best decision. If all other approaches of behavioral adjustment have failed, sedative medicine should be employed.


The issue with nervous dogs is that they require the services of a skilled groomer in order to protect themselves. Grooming is required for all dogs. Without frequent brushing, cleaning, and clipping, a dog’s coat can get matted. Skin irritation can be caused to dogs who are neglected and uncared for.

Not to mention that a filthy dog equals a filthy home. Regardless of whether or not your dog has issues, he will require the pet care that comes with grooming. If you’ve exhausted all other possibilities and are certain that your dog will require sedatives, you should consult a veterinarian or a pet behaviorist for the best treatment options.