Pampering Your Pet On-the-Go: A Guide to Mobile Cat and Dog Grooming Prices

Do you want to avoid the hassle of taking out your pet for grooming? Often, some pets don’t like to visit groomers. Most times, you don’t get time due to a busy schedule.

If you have the same problem, mobile cat and dog grooming is the best option. You might wonder how much mobile cat and dog groomers cost.

A mobile cat and dog groomer may cost between $50 to $100. It depends on services, location, pet size, breed, age, and behavior.

This post will give you a complete overview of mobile cat and dog grooming prices. Read on to find out whether it is a good fit for your pooch.

What Does Mobile Cat and Dog Grooming Mean?

Mobile pet grooming service is similar to regular grooming except the groomer visits you. It is more expensive than traditional grooming. Most groomers may be willing to visit your workplace or a convenient location.

Mobile pet grooming professionals have special vehicles that contain water tanks and generators. They have all tools and equipment that groomers may need to fancy up your pet.

Sometimes you may need to provide them access to a hose or an extension cable. In fact, mobile pet groomers are a blessing for anxious and reactive dogs.

What Are Average Mobile Cat and Dog Grooming Prices?

On average, mobile dog grooming costs between $40 to $100. The cost can be more or less depending on your dog’s hair length, breed, size, and services. Mobile cat grooming packages start from $50 to $100.

Some mobile groomers offer feline bath and haircut services for $160. However, it also depends on your location.

If your area has more mobile groomers, you’ll get services at a comparatively lower rate. But you’ll have to pay more if only a few mobile groomers exist in your area.

Factors Affecting Mobile Cat and Dog Grooming Prices

Before you order any mobile grooming service for your pet, consider your budget first. Several factors influence mobile cat and dog prices.

Let’s discuss a few factors below that make a mobile pet grooming service more or less expensive.

Pet Breed

Mobile dog grooming prices depend on your pet’s breed. For instance, grooming dogs with larger coats may cost more than smaller coats. Some dog breeds need more frequent touch-ups than others.

Plus, some dog breeds have complicated coats that require extra time and effort. That’s why you’ll have to pay more. Often, mobile pet groomers break down the prices if you have multiple pets.

Pet Personality

If your pet is used to visiting a groomer more often, it will stay calm during the grooming session. So you can get cheaper rates.

However, the mobile cat and dog groomer may cost more if your pet has temperament issues.

Grooming a dog or a cat with behavior issues may take extra time to ensure your pet’s safety. Obviously, it affects the grooming cost. Make sure not to hide your pet’s behavior issues from the groomer.


Mobile pet groomers offer prices relative to their area. The mobile grooming rates will be high in a metropolitan area and relatively low in a small city. The average grooming rates also depend on your location.

If you live in the middle of the city, the groomer doesn’t include the travel expenses. However, he may charge extra for travel expenses if you live out of the city.

Pet Age

A mobile groomer may add extra expenses for grooming a kitty, pup, or dog with special needs since he needs to be extra careful.

Type of Haircut

You can expect to pay more for a layered and more complex haircut for your pooch. However, mobile cat and dog groomers demand a reasonable price for a simple haircut.

Type of Mobile Grooming Companies

Private mobile pet groomers usually charge more depending on their experience and other factors. Corporate mobile grooming companies have consistent prices.

What Services Do Mobile Dog and Cat Groomers Offer?

Mobile cat and dog groomers offer the same services that your pet gets at a traditional walk-in salon. Below are some common services that mobile cat and dog groomers offer. The prices of each service may vary depending on the already mentioned factors.

Mobile dog grooming includes these services;


A complete bath package includes shampoo, conditioner, and rinses to clean the dirt and dead skin. It also helps the groomer identify your pet canine’s skin and coat condition.

Cats keep themselves clean and need less frequent baths than dogs. But if your kitty is dirty, the mobile groomer will give her a nice bath. The average price of a complete bath package is $50 to $80.


After the bath, the groomer uses a towel or blow dryer to dry your pet. This step is crucial for a haircut and styling.

Eye Wash and Ear Cleaning

The groomer wipes the debris that accumulates around the corners of your dog’s eyes. Plus, the outer ear canal cleaning is crucial to prevent infection and wax build-up.

Oral Care

After eye and ear cleaning, teeth brushing is the next step of pet grooming. You should regularly clean your dog’s teeth to keep tarter and plaque at bay. Pet full bath packages mostly include oral care.

Nail Trimming

Nail clipping is the crucial step of pet grooming to keep you and your family safe. Long toenails cause trouble walking, standing, and running. In the wild, the dog and cat’s nails wear down naturally. However, domestic pets need nail trimming to avoid health issues and maintain hygiene.


Brushing is crucial to detangle your pet’s coat, evenly distribute the natural oils and remove the loose fur.


After brushing, your pet gets a nice haircut. A full-body hair trimming also includes fur removal between the feet. Pet bath and pet haircut prices may vary depending on which services are included in the package.

Final Thoughts

Mobile cat and dog prices in 2023 may vary from one region to the other. A mobile pet groomer may charge less or more depending on your location, pet’s age, pet’s size, breed, coat condition, and temperament.

On average, you can expect to pay between $50 to $100 for a full bath. Add-on services, spa, and hair styling will cost extra. Mobile groomers include different services in a package. So, the prices may vary depending on the services you select for your pet.