Petco Grooming Prices: How Much Will You Pay For Petco Grooming Services?

Pet grooming is an essential routine care for optimum health and look. If you neglect grooming, your dog may suffer matted hair, frequent shedding, and heavy infestation by pests.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the expertise, time, and tools for grooming. That’s where the services of professional pet grooming salons and companies such as come in.

All About

Petco has been in the pet grooming industry since 1965. At the moment, there are about 1500 Petco stores all over the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The Petco stores stock a wide variety of pet supplies and even have over 100 veterinary hospitals.

In addition, some Petco stores provide dog training, grooming, veterinarian care, and vaccination services.

You can book an appointment through their online website or App.

Petco Grooming Services and Prices

The table below summarizes the bath and haircut prices for mixed dog breeds in January 2023. Note that prices may change and may vary depending on the location. For the most accurate price estimate please call your local Petco grooming salon.

Mixed Dog Breed Size and Hair Length

Cost of Bath Only ($) Cost of Bath and Hair Cut ($)
Small with short hair 34 59
Small with long hair 54 82
Medium with short hair 45 73
Medium with long hair 54 82
Large with short hair 52 87
Large with long hair 62 99
Extra-large with short hair 62 106
Extra-large with long hair 76 128

Besides baths and haircuts, Petco provides other services at the prices shown below in the table:


Price ($)
Nail trim and buffing 20
Nail Trim 12
Teeth brushing 12
Breath refresh 12
Face feet and fanny trim 15
Ear cleaning 12

Petco aims to provide all-around grooming services for dogs and cats. The store, therefore, classifies grooming services under four main categories;

  • Breed-specific haircut
  • Bath for every breed
  • Customized packages
  • Walk in services
  • Self-service dog wash

Bath For Every Breed

A clean coat boosts the image of a dog. Besides improving the appearance, grooming helps in minimizing pest infestation.

Petco groomers suds dirt, debris, and oil during baths. The bathing process improves the feel and look of the pet.

The bath package includes the following:

  • Deep cleaning shampoo treatment
  • Brush out for 15 minutes
  • Blow dry
  • Nail trimming
  • Gland expression
  • Scented spritz

Breed Specific Haircut

Besides proper diet, regular grooming contributes to good health for your pet. It also eliminates the chances of matting.

Petco grooming salon tailors its haircut to suit your dog’s breed. Further, you can suggest a personal haircut style for your dog. In the end, the professional breed-specific haircut awards your dog a neat and beautiful appearance.

The breed-specific haircuts package entails the following:

  • Cut and style
  • The deep cleaning shampoo treatment
  • Brush out for 15 minutes
  • Blow dry
  • Nail trimming
  • Gland expression
  • Scented spritz

Pricing for Baths and Haircuts

Customized Package

The customized package addresses a particular problem with your pet. It further divides into the following categories:

Essential Plus

When you choose the essential plus package, you enjoy the following services:

  • An upgraded shampoo and conditioner
  • Teeth brushing
  • Paw balm
  • Nail buffing

Price: essential plus package attracts an additional cost of $24.

Calm and Refresh

Using a mixture of lavender shampoo, conditioner, and spritz, Petco groomers refreshes and calms your pet. In addition, you get services such as paw balm, teeth brushing, and buffing of the nails.

Price: The calm and refreshing package attracts an extra cost of $26.

Soothe and Repair

If your dog has dry itchy skin, then the soothe and repair package is worth considering.

The package provides a solution developed by a veterinarian to address the itchy and dry skin problem.

Price: For an additional cost of $26, you get to enjoy the soothe and repair package.

Flea Cleanse

Flea infestation on a pet induces constant scratching and may cause fur loss. You can address such a problem by settling on the flea cleanse package.

In detail, it avails services such as:

  • A natural medicated or flea shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Teeth brushing
  • Paw balm
  • Nail buffing

Minimize Shedding

Shed Release

A dog or cat that undergoes excessive shedding litters everywhere with its fur. However, you can address that issue by purchasing the shed-release dog grooming package.

When you chose the package, you enjoy a bunch of services:

  • Removing loose undercoat using FURminator
  • Shed-reducing shampoo treatment
  • Thorough brush-out
  • Hydrating aloe treatment

Price; all that comes at an extra cost of $20.

Shed Release Plus

This package lets you enjoy more than simple shed treatment. It offers you grooming services such as shed release, teeth brushing, and nail buffing.

Walk-in Service

If you need an essential service for your pet, you don’t need an appointment with the Petco store. Instead, make use of the walk-in service.

The walk-in services include;

Mini Make Rover

At the prize of $22, the mini make rover offers you;

  • Nail trimming and buffing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw balm
  • Scented spritz

Mini Make Rover Plus

It includes all the services provided by mini make rover plus teeth brushing or breath refresh. All that for $25.

Why Consider Grooming Services?

Petco grooming salon has a dedicated team that strives to provide top pet safety and care services. The team comprises a veterinary medicine director and skilled personnel in animals’ behavior, ethics, and care.

With the help of the dedicated team, the salon has put in place several safety measures:

Comprehensive Check-In Care

Every pet that checks in at Petco grooming salon undergoes a 7-point check care procedure. The initial comprehensive check aims to unearth any abnormal feature or symptom on the animal. And if the experts notice any anomaly, they recommend you to the veterinarian.

Rumps and Steps

Accidents can occur whenever a pet walks in or out of the bathtub. The risk is highest for extra-large dogs or puppies. That’s why the salon has erected rumps and steps to minimize the chances of such accidents.

Up to Standard Kennels

Every kennel at the Petco store reflects the top industry standard. That is true regarding safety, comfort, and cleanliness.

Comfortable Posture While Grooming

During the grooming exercise, your pet requires a comfortable posture. So, Petco salon employs a groomer’s help tool. That way, the pet enjoys easy body and head control.


Whether through the Petco App or website, you can book an appointment and let your pet enjoy quality grooming service.

From baths to a haircut, teeth brushing, nail buffing, and trimming there’s much in store for your pet. The Petco grooming prices vary according to the dog breed and the hair length.

Without booking an appointment, you can drop by the salon or store and choose the walk-in service your pet misses.