Should I Feed My Dog Before Grooming?

Are you going to attend the first grooming session of your pup? Or did your dog throw up in the last visit to groomers? In both cases, you need to do some pre-grooming preparations to avoid such mishaps at the pet salon.

The first thing that you might think is, “Should I feed my dog before grooming?” Yes, you should feed your dog 2 hours before grooming. But avoid feeding just before your appointment. Often, pets experience a stomach upset and feel nervous while visiting the salon. If they have less food in their stomach, they will be less likely to throw up in nervousness.

So, read this post until the end for all pet lovers who want to know if they should feed their dog before grooming.

Should I Feed My Dog Before Going To Groomers?

One of the most frequently asked queries before taking your dog to groomers is, “Should I feed my dog before going to groomers?” Yes, you can feed your dog at least 2 hours before grooming. It doesn’t mean to fast your dog. Instead, make sure that it is not with a full belly.

No matter how many times your fur friend has visited the salon, it will still be very stressful for him. And, stress can cause stomachs upset such as diarrhea and vomiting. The intake of light food 2 hours before grooming will help keep your pet comfortable during the session. Also, make sure that your dog has

Just like most pets hate vet visits, the sound of clippers, blow drier, grooming shears in the salon, and fear of a bath makes them anxious during grooming. Anxiety, stress, and fear can cause shivering and abdominal discomfort in pets at groomers.

Should I Feed My Cat Before Going To Groomers?

Cats are quite moody and more likely to get frustrated at the groomers than dogs. They don’t like to be restrained and held by strangers. At the same time, they spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but they hate being at groomers. Most cat owners have complained that their furballs don’t stay calm and experience abdominal discomfort.

If your cat behaves the same, You might think, “should I feed my cat before going to the groomers?” You should avoid feeding your cat just before the groomer’s appointment. Give her food 2 hours before grooming. It will reduce the chances of an upset stomach. If appointment timing interferes with your cat’s feeding timing, give her a small meal before grooming.

What Will Happen If I Feed My Dog Before Grooming?

Limiting your pup’s food doesn’t mean keeping him in a fasting mode before grooming. Instead, you should feed your pet at least 2 hours before grooming. However, your pup’s appointment is exact at its feeding time; offer a small amount of food. You might be wondering,” What will happen if I feed my dog before grooming?” If you feed your dog before grooming, it may experience vomiting and diarrhea, making it hard for a groomer to carry on.

Most pet owners share that dogs get traumatized after grooming. They stop eating as they usually do. Some pets even get sick and act weird after grooming. It happens because you haven’t trained your pet and made groomers’ visits too traumatic for them. Also, the pet gastrointestinal system reacts to changes in their routine. The simple solution is; make the groomer’s visit less stressful through behavioral training.

Do Groomers Give Treats?

A query might be hitting hard on your mind that if feeding before grooming is not recommended, can you give your dog treats? Yes, you can offer treats as positive reinforcement but avoid giving in a large quantity. Here another query might arise that do groomers give treats? Yes, groomers also give treats unless your pet obeys them. Professional groomers don’t reinforce wrong behavior and offer treats if a dog shows bad behavior.

However, talk to the groomer when taking appointments if your dog has food allergies, past illnesses, or food intolerance. In this way, the groomer will offer hypoallergenic treats to your pet to avoid any health concerns related to food.

How To Prepare A Dog For Grooming?

If you plan to take your dog to the groomers, here are some pet therapists’ recommended tips that might help you prepare your dog for grooming. Let’s take a look at these;

Start training from home: Get your dog used to being handled. For this, start training from home and pet your dog from head to toe at least 3 times a week. If your dog is happy with your hand movements, you can repeat them daily. Use treats and praising language to ensure that body massage is a positive experience.

Brush Regularly: Daily brushing makes your pet used to groomer’s tools. In addition, it prevents tangles and mats. Regular combing makes groomers’ tasks easier and takes less make over time.

Feed earlier: Avoid feeding your pup right before the appointment. If necessary, offer a small meal. Also, make sure that your pet is free from its toilet needs before grooming.

Say no to sedatives: Avoid sedatives to cope with groomers’ anxiety. Instead, talk to your vet or pet therapist about behavior management.

Add groomers’ noise in your daily life: Get your pet used to the clipping and vibrating sounds at home that it would experience in the salon. Take clippers and keep them close to your pup’s paw without cutting it. Offer a treat for a positive experience.

Tire your pet: Take your pet for a walk and ensure that your pet is well-tired before a groomers’ visit. A tired pup is less likely to create a mess at groomers.

Seek only professional: Ask your friends and neighbors and select a professional and trustworthy groomer with a hygienic salon. Experienced and professional groomers know how to handle aggressive, stubborn, and nervous pets.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you got the point of feeding your dog before grooming. Your pet’s first experience at groomers’ will impact its every visit. So, make sure to make it as positive, happy, and comfortable as possible. To avoid abdominal discomfort due to groomers’ anxiety, feed your pet at least 2 hours before the appointment. Your pet groomers’ visit will be fun, not trauma, with proper house training.