How Do Dog Groomers Keep Dogs Still – 8 Expert Tips

Regular grooming of the dog is vital. That includes brushing, bathing, and good dental hygiene. However, some puppies have a high degree of fear towards grooming. Getting such a dog through the procedure, especially for the first time isn’t easy for everyone. But professional dog groomers usually have their ways with such dogs. So what tricks… Continue reading How Do Dog Groomers Keep Dogs Still – 8 Expert Tips

Is Cat Grooming Necessary?

Cats like to keep themselves clean. You can often find a cat licking at her fur. So, is cat grooming necessary? Yes, a cat makes a significant effort to keep herself clean. Sometimes her effort isn’t enough and a helping hand is necessary. For instance, taking care of overgrown nails and smelly fur are some… Continue reading Is Cat Grooming Necessary?

Do Dog Groomers Brush Teeth?

Good oral health is essential for you and your pet. That means regular brushing and deep cleaning of the teeth. But, do pet groomers brush teeth? Or is it a wise idea to let a pet groomer handle teeth brushing? Dog Groomers and Teeth Brushing Some pet groomers offer teeth brushing service while others do… Continue reading Do Dog Groomers Brush Teeth?