Can You Leave a Dog Alone Overnight? (Appropriate Age and Tips to Leave a Dog alone Overnight)

As a pet parent, you might need to leave your dog alone during the day or night. Of course, you have other responsibilities besides raising a pet. Each dog has a different personality; some might do well while alone, while others might show destructive behavior due to separation anxiety.

So, can you leave a dog alone overnight? Leaving a dog overnight is OK if you provide enough food, water, and some toys to keep it relaxed and occupied. Routine walking and exercise are critical for a good night’s sleep. It also depends on your dog’s personality whether it can stay calm in your absence or not.

Most new pet owners stay awake at night and care for their dogs. If you do the same, you are compromising your health, which is not a solution. So, read to post and find the best tips for leaving your dog alone overnight.

For How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone At Night?

If you have trained your dog to stay alone, you can leave it alone overnight. It depends on your dog’s age, breed, personality, training, and how long it can stay calm without you.

However, you should know that dogs are pack animals and consider their owners a family. Even well-trained dogs lose their temper if left alone for a prolonged period.

Read the suggestions below about leaving your dog alone at night, depending on the age.


You can leave a puppy below 18 alone for not more than 2 hours at night. Puppies below 18 need regular feeding and more attention. They are playful and easy to train at this stage. Plus, they need more pee breaks.

If you get a dog that is not grown at your home, treat it like a puppy until it adjusts well to your environment. Also, don’t leave a new puppy alone overnight.

18 months to 4 years

Young adults get used to your absence if they are with you from birth. However, if your dog is potty trained, it can’t hold pee for more than 6 hours.

You can leave a dog of 18 months to 4 years for a maximum of 6 hours. Young dogs sleep well at night and only wake up to change sleeping positions.

4 years to 7 years

Dogs aged 4 to 7 years are adults, and you can leave them alone overnight for upto 10 hours. You can leave your adult dog longer if it is well-trained, provided all the necessities are available.

8 years and above

Senior dogs of age 8 and above have a slow metabolism. They eat and play less and hold pee for longer. So, you can leave senior dogs alone for 6 to 12 hours at night. However, older dogs may have health issues and need close monitoring.

Can You Leave a Puppy Alone at Night?

You can’t leave a puppy alone at night because it needs regular feed and more pee breaks. Puppies of 6 months and below can’t be left alone for more than  2 hours. Once it gets older than 6 months, you can leave it alone at night for 4 to 6 hours until 18 months.

Get help from a babysitter or dog daycare if you need to leave a puppy alone for longer. It would be best if you used a comfy crate for training a puppy to live alone without you. Small dogs can injure themselves if left alone and can chew on things.

Can a Dog Be Left Alone For 24 Hours?

You should not leave a dog alone for 24 hours. It can be devastating to your house and your dog. Consider the age and personality of your dog. Plus, dog training matters a lot while leaving your pet alone.

It would be better to seek help from dog daycare if you have to leave it alone for more than 10 hours. Even trained dogs can suffer separation anxiety if left alone for more extended periods.

4 Tips For Leaving Your Dog Alone At Night

Raising a pet is not an easy task. You might be busy or away from home. So, you should know how to train a pet to stay calm in your absence. Before leaving your dog alone overnight, make sure to consider the factors below:

  • Overall Health condition
  • Activity level
  • Bathroom needs
  • Other pets at home
  • Separation anxiety
  • Feeding times
  • Nighttime activity levels of your neighbors

Below are some tips for leaving your dog alone at night.


Before leaving your dog alone overnight, ensure it gets some exercise. Mostly, dogs get tired after a walk and enjoy a long sleep.

Choose an area having birds and flowers for a walk. It will mentally stimulate and tire out your dog.

Also, engage your buddy in playful activities throughout the day. It will help your dog sleep better rather than show devastating activities.

Food and Water

Make sure that your dog has enough food and water three times a day. You can stop feeding an hour before bedtime.

It is better to use an automated food dispenser and set it to release food an hour before bedtime. This way, your pet can comfortably spend 8 to 9 hours without eating.

Limit the space

Don’t allow your dog to roam freely in the house when you are away. Instead, limit the space to a balcony or locked room. Choose a room with minimum furniture.

Ensure that the room is away from street noise; otherwise, your dog might bark all night. Avoid leashing your pet since it can strangle.

If you live in a small space, getting an apartment dog such as Bichon Frise, Tulear, Maltese, Miniature Poodle, or Coton de Tulear is better. These dogs are small with minimum exercise requirements, and can be left alone if trained.

Train your dog

Training a dog to live comfortably in your absence is crucial for stress anxiety management. Start training early by leaving it for short periods. Training may be longer if you haven’t left your dog alone.


Leaving a dog alone at night is Ok if you provide enough food and exercise throughout the day. Provide a secure environment or use a crate.

Training is also important if you want to leave your dog alone overnight. Slowly and gradually, train a puppy to live peacefully in your absence. However, never leave a puppy alone for more than two hours at night.