How To Dry Dog After Bath?[4-Fast and Easy Dog Drying Techniques After Bath]

Have you ever realized that drying a dog after a bath is a more daunting task than overall grooming? Most dogs are afraid of the noise of the dryer. Others don’t like to be rubbed with a towel.

Often, dogs have sensitive skin issues that may need extra care. Whether you bathe your dog at home or the groomer’s place, it is crucial to dry it in a happy and safe environment.

So, how to dry a dog after a bath? You can dry your dog by petting it with a super absorbent towel made specifically for dogs. A hairdryer is also an option for canines who can tolerate its noise.

Also, be careful not to burn the skin of your pet. The third option is air drying, but it is not for dogs with thicker and longer coats.

If you are worried about how to dry a dog after a bath, this post is for you. Read till the end and discover dog drying techniques.

4 Dog Drying Techniques After a Bath

Each dog differs in coat type and temperament level. Your dog can get panic and may harm you if you misapply a dog drying technique. Not all canines happily accept all the drying methods after a bath.

Indeed, drying your pet is an art that can make your work easier if done smoothly. Therefore, you should adopt a least bothering dog drying technique to ensure your dog’s comfort.

Below are the 4 most common dog drying techniques. Let’s have a look:

Towel Dry

You can use a regular towel to dry your dog after a bath. If you have a small pooch, one towel will be enough. However, for larger dogs, you may need two to three towels. For better results, use super-absorbent microfiber towels.

Start drying from the head towards the tail. Avoid rubbing the towel vigorously; instead, gently squeeze the water out of your dog’s hair. Press the towel on the dog’s wet fur, and soak as much water as possible. Don’t forget to dry your pup’s backside down to its belly, legs, and paws.

Towel drying is the best technique to dry your canine after bathing. However, improper use of towels can cause mats and tangles in your dog’s thick and long fur. Also, use a towel specially designed to dry dogs after a bath.

Air Drying

Air drying is the preferred method to dry a dog with a short coat—similarly, dogs afraid of the noise of a blow dryer can benefit from this drying technique after a bath.

Also, air drying may be a good option for your pet with sensitive skin, abrasion, or an incision that can be irritated by rubbing a towel or the heat of a dryer.

However, air drying has some drawbacks as well. Your wet dog will run into the house, giving hard shakes or rubbing its damp dog smell against the furniture. Things can even worsen if you leave a wet dog to air-dry outdoors.

Your pet can turn green by rolling on the freshly mowed grass, destroying your grooming efforts. Therefore, the air-dry method is not for dogs with thick, long, or double coats since it may leave the fur damp causing fungal growth, hot spots, and infection.

Blow Dryer

A hairdryer can dry your dog faster after a bath. However, you should be careful in using a hairdryer since it can burn your pet’s skin if handled roughly.

Use a hairdryer on the lowest settings and keep the nozzle away from your dog’s fur. Also, avoid concentrating on one spot; instead, keep moving the nozzle to distribute the heat equally. Avoid focusing the heat on the face, ears, and genitals.

Some dogs never get used to a hairdryer as they are afraid of its noise and sensation. It may cause trouble if you use it all of a sudden. Therefore, introduce this drying tool slowly and gradually in your pet’s life.

Instant Drying Products

Several quick drying sprays are available on the market, claiming that they can dry your dog faster after a bath. These instant drying sprays claim to wick away moisture from your dog’s coat.

However, most dog owners haven’t seen a noticeable difference in the drying time with or without applying these products.

How to Dry a Dog After Bath Without Dryer?

If your dog hates the noise of a dryer and becomes anxious, you might wonder how to dry a dog after a bath without a dryer. If your dog has a short coat, you can use the air-dry method carefully.

Microfiber absorbent towels specially designed to dry dogs after bathing are also a suitable replacement for dryers. These towels can absorb moisture five times more than regular towels and are convenient.

However, if your dog’s coat is long and thick, you should visit groomers to avoid matting and fungal growth. Pet groomers have special tools to dry your dog faster after a bath using preventive measures to avoid attacks.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading the post, you got how to dry a dog after a bath. Dogs with short fur and sensitive skin can benefit from the air-drying method. A blow dryer can dry your dog faster after a bath but should be used carefully.

Towel dry can be applied to all dogs, but canines with thick coats can get tangles from this dog drying technique. If you are still confused, book an appointment with the groomer and ask for his suggestions about the dog drying method suitable for your dog.