Everything You Need To Know About Dog Grooming Cost In UK

If you have a canine companion, you already know that grooming them is critical to ensuring that they are well taken care of. Dog grooming isn’t always about good hygiene and health; it’s a way of telling your pooch that you love him and want to keep him as comfortable as possible.

However, if you are a pet parent, then you also know that professional dog grooming is quite expensive, whether you are talking about a weekly or in-depth grooming session, expected every 6-8 weeks.

In today’s blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about dog grooming cost in UK, as well as the kind of services available for your pooch. Read on to learn more.

What is the average dog grooming cost in UK?

Though a lot of factors affect the actual cost of a good grooming session, generally, it takes around 20 to 90 pounds to fully groom a dog in the UK, where the average price is £43. A complete grooming session normally includes bathing, drying, and fur trimming.

Some groomers may offer additional services such as brushing your pet’s teeth, cleaning plus trimming their nails, and treating their coat for shine.

Factors affecting the price of a proper dog grooming session

As stated earlier, different factors affect the cost of a professional grooming session. Some of the critical ones are how big your fluff ball is, how much fur he carries, the type of coat the little one has, and the breed he belongs to.

Pup size, breed, and hair type

Different factors contribute to the price of a professional dog grooming session. While some grooming salons determine the cost based on a predetermined factor such as the size, breed, or coat type of your pooch, others decide the cost by considering all of these factors at once. Thereby the information provided in this blog is based on numerous aspects.

The average cost of grooming small breed dogs can range from 29-40 pounds, whereas pups having short hair and silky smooth coats are likely to win the cheapest grooming sessions.

Medium breed canines with long hair may have to pay a bit more, and the fidos nailing it with double coats are on the most expensive end of this spectrum.

You can expect to pay the average cost of £33-£44 for a medium-sized dog. However, if your pooch has wire hair accompanied by a double coat, you may have to opt for a more expensive grooming session.

Lastly, the cost of grooming a large breed dog is relatively high, and dog owners are expected to pay anywhere between 35 to 70 pounds.

Your canine’s temperament

Another factor that can elevate or reduce the cost of a grooming session is your dog’s temperament. No two dogs are similar, so they react differently to their grooming sessions.

For instance, an anxious pup will have trouble standing still, whereas an aggressive one might snap at the groomers. All these temperamental changes can and do affect your grooming session.

You can always make things a bit easier for the groomer by booking an appointment first rather than dropping in and telling them about your pup’s temperament. Nevertheless, grooming an overly aggressive dog is always going to cost more.

Groomer’s location

Grooming facilities are more common in the metropolis than in the countryside. So if you live in a rural area, you must go to the city to groom your pet, which may cost you more.

On the other hand, dog groomers are easier to access if you live in a city. You can browse through the ones offering the best services in affordable packages.

Grooming history

As much as it is easier to neglect your dog’s grooming requirements, it does affect the cost of a grooming session. For example, if your pooch has extra matted hair, their coat is infested with ticks and fleas, or extra bathing hours are required, a groomer may charge higher.

Different dog grooming services and their cost

Full grooming

A full grooming session includes everything from combing, brushing, bathing, clipping, and trimming the fur. This service usually costs 25 to 65 pounds, depending on the size, breed, temperament, and type of hair your fido has.

Bath and dry

This is your fluff ball’s equivalent of visiting the hairdresser and letting them wash and shampoo your hair. Dog groomers will charge you around 20-55 pounds to clean and hydrate your pooch.

Nail trimming

In the United Kingdom, trimming your pet’s nails is likely to cost you between 5 to 10 pounds. This is the most useful grooming service as untrimmed nails can injure other pets, people, and your dog himself.

De-shedding and de-matting

De-shedding is the process of removing loose fur from a dog’s undercoat. It reduces further shedding and can cost from 25 to 55 pounds.

De-matting refers to using a comb to detangle a pup’s hair and ensure that it’s not matted anymore. It is likely to cost you anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds.

Ear cleaning

A proper ear cleaning routine is essential for removing debris, dirt, and dust that may accumulate inside the ears. Getting this service done by professionals may cost around 10 to 20 pounds.

Oral cleaning

Just like us, our pets also need a proper dental care routine. The cost of this service may range from 10-20 pounds.

Tick and flea treatment

Pet owners are expected to pay from £25-50 for this service.


Some grooming services can increase the cost of a proper grooming session. The basic grooming session only includes bathing, drying, and hair trimming.

But for an additional fee, a dog groomer can trim your pup’s nails or brush those pearly whites.

How to save some bucks on dog grooming?

By this point, you may have noticed that dog grooming can get pretty expensive. Nevertheless, you can always save some bucks on dog grooming.

And the finest way to do that is to groom your dog yourself: get the supplies, watch dog grooming videos, and read books. It will help you give your pooch an ‘at home spa treatment‘ at an affordable cost.