Do Short-Haired Dogs Need Grooming? [The Ultimate Truth]

Thinking whether your short-haired pup requires a grooming session or not? We got you!

When it comes to dog grooming, most pet parents automatically assume that their short-haired pups do not need it as they have no tangles or mats to get rid of.

Though the tangles part is true, a one-on-one grooming session is essential for all dog breeds. It helps spot different hygiene-related issues before things blow up in the future. A well-groomed short-haired dog does not shed all over your furniture and is less prone to developing behavioral concerns.

Do short-haired dogs need grooming?

A typical grooming session involves different procedures such as haircut, brushing, bathing, cleaning teeth, nail trimming, cleaning the ears, and checking eyes.

While short hair dogs don’t necessarily require a haircut every few days, they need their caregivers to pay close attention to their overall hygiene. Short coat means less protection against fleas, ticks, environmental hazards, and allergies, so regular grooming is necessary.

Here are some advantages of grooming short-haired dogs:

Better hygiene

Grooming isn’t only associated with improving your dog’s overall coat. It also has some other advantages, and the most obvious ones are hygiene benefits. A gentle brushing followed by a nice bath can remove dead hair and skin from your pup’s body and help the fido regulate his body temperature. It also helps distribute the natural oils in the body and reduces itching.

Spotting skin issues

Without a long and thick fur for protection, short-haired canines are more prone to developing skin concerns like infection and allergies. Luckily, it is easier to spot these issues before things get overwhelming. Regular grooming helps identify the problem areas early and prevents costly veterinary visits.

While grooming, it is advised to use a flea comb to look for fleas, insect bites, discoloration, dandruff, and rashes. You can also use flea preventives to get rid of these problems, but nothing can replace a complete skin check.

It keeps ear infections at bay.

Cleaning the gunk from your fur ball’s ears is critical in preventing any ear-related infections. These infections are one of the primary causes of canine deafness. Keeping a check on them will help you maintain your fido’s hearing for many years.

Lowers the risk of bone deformation and lousy posture

Nail trimming is often overlooked but is a significant part of your pooch’s well-being. Overly grown nails can be uncomfortable for a pup to walk on. The canine may change his posture to acclimate his long nails. If left untrimmed, these nails can lead to more significant problems such as bone deformation, bad posture, and arthritis.

Your dog will love it!

Most canines love an excellent doggy massage! They won’t say no to a gentle brushing with the right tools. It improves their mood and makes them happier pet. Plus, grooming allows you to spend some stress-free time with your precious pup.

It strengthens your bond and makes your dog accustomed to other health and medical examinations such as vet visits, dental care, nail trimming, and professional grooming sessions.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a regular grooming routine, or if your pup has had some bad experiences, consider working with a professional dog trainer for better results.

Grooming tips for short hair dogs

  • Invest in a good quality stiff bristle brush made especially for short hair companions.
  • Bathe your pup once a week. Always prefer gentle dog shampoos, so the chemicals don’t cause any discomfort or rash.
  • Don’t over trim the nails. Trimming once every 30 days is more than enough.
  • Don’t stop on grooming. Conduct a visual check and observe your dog’s ears, paws, and genital area. Look out for weird odors, dryness, cuts, and cracks.

Wrapping up

Do short-haired dogs need grooming? Yes. They do! But grooming them is more manageable and effortless than their long hair companions. In fact, it can be seen as a potential bonding time. Your pup will think he’s having a nice massage, and you will have a pooch less likely to cover you with dog hair!