Do Maltese Have Curly Hair?

A Maltese with long white smooth hair commands attention and praise. However, you can also come across other Maltese with wavy unruly hair.

And hence the question; Do Maltese have curly hair?

Do Maltese have Straight or Curly Hair? The Influencing Factors:

Maltese can have straight or curly hair depending on several factors.  In ordinary circumstances, Maltese have silky smooth hair.

But factors such as genetic reasons, a tendency to play on dirt, poor grooming habits, and weather and climate can change that hair texture.

Let me explain;

A playful Puppy or Adult Dog

A dog, especially a puppy, is very playful. And don’t expect a dog to stay calm in one place all the time.

When the Maltese move outdoors, the play takes center stage. Often, you’ll find the dog running and rolling on the dirt. With time the once silky-smooth hair becomes curvy.

Unless under close supervision, Maltese hair won’t stay smooth and spotless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That partly explains the unruly hair some Maltese have.

Not Purebred Maltese (Inherited)

Besides the playfulness of a puppy, genetics also influences the state of your Pet’s hair. A purebred Maltese dog often has smooth long hair. But a hybrid Maltese may register a different appearance.

If either of the parents was from a different breed (for example, poodle) the offspring borrows some genes from the parents. Thus, some hybrid Maltese have wavy type of hair.

Weather and Environment

Another factor that can make Maltese hair curly or wavy is the weather and the environment where the dog stays. Humid or hot weather can adversely affect the texture of the hair.

Humid air has a high concentration of water molecules. That leads to a high concentration of hydrogen bonds between hair strands.

When that happens, the hair has a high rate of curling or folding back.

Poor Grooming Habits and Care

It’s healthy to trim your dog’s coat at a safe frequency. If you over-trim the hair more frequently to a short length, it may change the coat’s overall texture and style. For example, it may start to roll at the tip.

At the same time, spots of dirt on the dog’s coat can force the hair to become curly. So regular brushing and timely bathing are necessary.

So Why is My Maltese Hair Curly?

Therefore, if your Maltese dog displays curly hair, it could be one or a combination of the following reasons:

  • Genetic reasons (not pure Maltese)
  • Excessive grooming
  • Little or inadequate care
  • Excessive play and rolling in the dirt

How to Groom Maltese to Have Silky Hair?

The silky-smooth hair of a Maltese dog is adorable. And it requires proper care to maintain such smooth white hair.

Read below for vital tips on how to maintain healthy silky Maltese hair:

Subscribe to the Service of a Professional Groomer

The long smooth hair of the Maltese doesn’t need rough handling. Otherwise, it can lead to hair loss in clusters. At the same time, the hairs are sensitive and easily tangled.

Thus, you require regular grooming from a qualified groomer. Such a person understands the grooming steps and procedures for different dog breeds.

Professional grooming might come at a high price tag. But it can’t compare to the overall appearance and health of your dog.

Monthly Bathing

Regular bathing of a Maltese dog contributes to the development of long silky hair. However, the dog has a delicate hair type. For that reason, overbathing may make the hair weak.

And the brittle hair has more chances of curling and tangling. Instead, a regular bathing routine of about once a month is helpful.

At the same time, don’t rush into bathing the pet even when she is clean and free from tangles. The secret to success here is not over or under-bathing your dog.

Use the Right Dog Shampoo and Conditioner.

When bathing your dog, use the appropriate dog shampoo and conditioner. Keep off human shampoo or dog shampoo from non-reputable brands. When undecided, consult a nearby pro groomer.

Dog conditioner and shampoo have canine-friendly ingredients. On the other hand, human shampoo is likely to have chemicals that cause negative effects on the Maltese’s skin.

Make use of a Hair Dryer

Dogs are playful by nature and Maltese is no exception. After bathing, your pet needs to dry.

However, letting her roam about and dry out her coat isn’t wise. The dog is more likely to engage in playful activities and even roll on the dirt.

A better idea is to use a hair dryer to hasten the process. While doing so, don’t use the hot air option; it will harm the pet. Switch to the cold air option.

Also, the hair dryer may help you style out the long silky hair if you wish.

Consider Using a Softening Spray

Bathing and blow drying the Maltese hair can make the coat healthy and smooth. However, when you overdo it, the result is hair with weak roots and split ends.

A better alternative to managing unruly hair (when the pet is almost spotlessly clean) is through a softening spray. Spray the solution all over the coat, and split the hair into easy-to-brush portions.

Brushing helps the softening spray penetrate the root hair.

Maltese Need a Healthy Diet

For a pet to have strong, smooth, and shiny hair, the Maltese must eat a healthy diet. A balanced diet provides valuable nutrients for proper hair development.

A vet can help you subscribe to a healthy diet for your pet. And after feeding, don’t overlook exercising.

So, Do Maltese Have Curly Hair?

Purebred Maltese possesses long silky hair. However, that is not true for hybrid Maltese.

But when a pet plays and rolls on the ground, the dog messes up the hair. Therefore, it changes from smooth to unruly, or curly coat.

Still, you must care for and groom your dog to maintain that smooth and beautiful hair. Otherwise, if you over-groom or under-groom, it loses its silkiness.