Do Dog Groomers Brush Teeth?

Good oral health is essential for you and your pet. That means regular brushing and deep cleaning of the teeth. But, do pet groomers brush teeth?

Or is it a wise idea to let a pet groomer handle teeth brushing?

Dog Groomers and Teeth Brushing

Some pet groomers offer teeth brushing service while others do not. Still, others advertise to give pet teeth cleaning as an add-on.

It’s wise to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. However deep cleaning of the teeth should be left to the professionals; medical practitioners only (vet).

Thus your pet groomer should only handle no more than the regular teeth brushing. It isn’t wise to let a pet groomer extend his services to deep cleaning. Such services require professionals.

Reasons Against Letting Dog Groomers to Do Deep Teeth Cleaning

Some Offer Teeth Cleaning as a Bonus Service

The usual pet grooming includes services like bathing, nail clipping, nail painting, fur coloring, and fur trimming. And to attract more customers some people promise to give you teeth cleaning as a bonus or at a discounted price. That means it isn’t their primary service-so most likely it won’t be comprehensive.

It Requires Trained Personnel

Proper brushing and cleaning of a pet’s teeth require expertise. That’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Inspecting for developing infections, removing build-up plaques, and cleaning the teeth far at the back calls for medical practitioners.

Getting rid of tartar and performing other delicate procedure often requires anesthesia. And due to the lack of a trained personnel, any other employee will have to handle the task.

It May Produce a Lot of Discomfort to the Animal

In some cases, the dog may have gingivitis and build-up tartar. In such circumstances cleaning the teeth and removing the plaque without sedation induces extreme pain. Besides, inflicting such intensity of pain on an animal is inhuman.

It’s a Big Risk to Both Parties

A vet knows how to introduce teeth brushing and cleaning to a pet for the first time. And such a professional know where sedation is vital. A pet groomer may not have such expertise. Walking into such a procedure, puts both the pet and the personnel at risk.

Teeth Scaling with Hand Tools has its Risk

Scaling of teeth using hand tools often leave behind groves in the enamel. And without polishing, the grooves then encourage tartar to build up at a faster rate than before. So, instead of hand scaling helping, it may leave more harm than good.

Gives the Wrong Impression

A dog groomer most likely won’t provide a comprehensive dental cleaning to a pet. Nevertheless, the pet owner will go back home assuming that the dental health of the pet has been addressed.

In the end, some infections may develop that could have been detected and addressed by a vet. For example, the groomer may not reach beneath the pet’s gum line.

Inadequate or Lack of Antibiotic Drug Prescription to the Pet

The process of scaling teeth secretes bacteria into the blood via the gums. For that same reason, a vet will thus have to prescribe the right antibiotics for the pet. Otherwise, the bacteria may lead to other serious infections. An ordinary pet groomer won’t perform search prescription.

Why Do Some People Hire Dog Groomers for Teeth Brushing and Cleaning?

Pocket Friendly

The cost of teeth cleaning varies from hospital to hospital. It also depends on the presence of dental disease, overall health, and age of the animal.

With that said, most pet clinics and hospitals charge about $200 to even over $1000 (high-end clinics). For that reason, some pet owners consider it costly and look for alternative ways. That includes hiring the services of pet groomers.


Still, some people aren’t aware of the possible risks of entrusting their pet’s dental health to unqualified personnel. So such people easily bundle pet grooming with teeth cleaning service to the same person.

So do Dog Groomers Brush Teeth?

Some pet groomers advertise teeth brushing as an add-on service to their package. Others do not offer the service.

However, the dental health of your animal is of utmost importance. Hence, it’s best to let qualified medical practitioners handle the service.

Although it may cost a significant amount of dollars, it’s worth the amount. Why gamble with your pet’s life?

But if you must hire a pet groomer, his service should not go beyond basic tooth brushing. Deep teeth cleaning, removing of buildup plaques and tartar requires a vet.