Do Burmese Cats Shed? Unraveling the Truth about their Coat Care and Maintenance

do burmese cats shed

The beautiful appearance, and social and intelligent nature of Burmese cats make them viable pets. But the common question that people ask is, do Burmese cats shed?

Very few homeowners are happy with high-maintenance cats. Cleaning the cat dander and fur from your room daily is very demanding.

So, if you are thinking of keeping the Burmese cats, read on to find out her shedding trait.

Vital Facts about Burmese Cats

The Burmese cat has its origin in Burma and hence its name. By default, the cat breed is very social and intelligent.

Often, you can find a Burmese following the owner from one room to the next. Making contact and being in the company of humans gives the cat species much joy.

Do Burmese Cats Shed?

burmese cat

In digging out details about the Burmese cat breed, many potential pet owners ask, do Burmese cats shed? And the brief response is, yes, Burmese cats shed just like other cat species do.

Except, the animal undergoes minimal shedding. Therefore, that makes the pet breed a low-maintenance cat.

Why is My Burmese Cat Shedding Excessively?

Under usual circumstances, Burmese sheds a minimal amount of fur. Sometimes you can find your Burmese cat shedding excessively.

The excessive shedding habit of the Burmese cats is most likely due to the following factors:

Inadequate Brushing

Cats take a considerable amount of time to self-groom. Still, you need to help the pet with grooming. As the fur grows, some become old, loose, and eventually drop.

Regular brushing helps to eliminate the almost falling fur in time. If you fail to brush the Burmese, the old and loose fur may fall anywhere in your room or cloth.

In other words, brushing minimizes the scattering of cat fur all over the house. If you think your Burmese cat is shedding excessively, create time for regular brushing of her coat. Once or twice a week is enough.

Further, invest in the right kind of brush.

Changing Season

The next reason for the Burmese cat shedding a lot is due to a change in season. Seasonal shedding mostly affects cats that spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.

In winter, cats require a thick coat that keeps them warm and comfortable. Once winter is gone and the temperature goes high, the cat doesn’t need thick fur. Instead, a lighter coat becomes ideal.

For that reason, seasonal shedding occurs in autumn and spring. Next time you spot the Burmese cat shedding a lot, think of the changing season.

Poor Diet

Your Burmese cat may be shedding more than usual due to a poor diet. A deficiency in one of the vital nutrients can result in weak root hair and unhealthy shedding.

The cat only displays healthy silky fur if you feed her protein, fats, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. A vet will assist you in formulating a balanced diet.

Alternatively, you can also try blending dry and wet cat foods to get a sufficient volume of protein and essential nutrients.

Lack of omega 6, fatty acids, oils, and protein can result in a dull coat and unhealthy shedding in a cat.

Intense Stress and Anxiety

If your Burmese cat continues to shed a lot, possibly it’s due to prolonged stress. Besides changing seasons and diet, stress can cause a cat to lose a lot of fur.

Many factors can stress your Burmese pet. Intense noise in the neighborhood, the introduction of another pet, and relocation are prime factors.

Many cats (Burmese included) resort to overgrooming to calm themselves. The excessive licking and scratching of the coat then give way to bald spots.

Infestation by Parasites

Parasites such as ticks, fleas, and worms can attack your adorable pet. After attacking the cat, the parasites cause intense itching on the skin.

The pet then scratches, chews, and licks the affected parts. And intense itching calls for constant scratching and chewing on the fur. That brings about bald spots.

One ideal time to check for parasite infestation is grooming time. As you brush the cat’s coat, look out for signs of ringworms, fleas, and ticks.


Water plays a crucial role in human beings and animals. And, the Burmese cat needs an adequate amount of water. The drinks ensure the coat is at its optimum health and hydration level.

Besides balanced food, provide safe drinking water or milk to your pet. That way, the coat stays hydrated and shiny.

Underlying Health Condition

Still, an underlying health condition can increase or decrease a Burmese shedding habit. The best advice then is to visit a vet to find out and address the illness.

Other Factors

Besides the factors stated above, your Burmese cat can shed an abnormal amount of fur due to the following reasons:

  • A food allergy or poison
  • Old age
  • Hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy
  • Medication effects

How to Manage Burmese Cat Shedding

Usually, Burmese is a low-maintenance cat breed. But if your cat sheds a significant amount of fur, you can minimize the degree of shedding by carrying out the following;

  • Regularly brushing the cat once or twice a week to remove the loose fur
  • Subscribing to the healthy cat diet and keeping her hydrated
  • Carrying out regular checkups for parasite infestation
  • Bathing the cat when necessary
  • Keeping off cat allergens

So, Do Burmese Cats Shed?

burmese cat

Like other short-haired cat breeds, Burmese cats do shed to a minimal degree.

However, the shedding trend can increase depending on factors such as health conditions, type of diet, exposure to stress, change in season, and infestation by parasites.

If you stick to the usual grooming requirement, a healthy diet, and keep the pet hydrated, the Burmese shedding habit is easy to manage.