Do American Shorthair Cats Shed? Facts and Tips for Pet Owners

When talking about widespread pets, cats count on the list. Before owning the pet, you should prepare how you’ll feed and groom her. Another issue that you must learn to deal with is cat shedding.

Some cat species such as Maine Coons undergo intense shedding and thus call for regular vacuuming of the house. Others such as the Sphynx shed the least.

Therefore, do the American shorthair cats shed? Does the species require high maintenance? The post thus exposes the shedding trend of the American shorthair cat.

About the American Shorthair Cats

As the name suggests, the American shorthair cat has a straight, short coat. The pet exists in different colors including white, black, and cream.

The diversified cat colors can also assume different patterns such as tortoiseshell, bicolor, tricolor, and solid color.

Whereas the male American shorthair cat weighs about 12 lbs the female ranges from 8 to 12 lbs. Besides, the feline friend is of medium height and masculine structure

Does the American Shorthair Cat Shed?

Most cats do shed fur but at different intensities. So, when you wish to keep cats, you must prepare how to handle the shedding habit. Although you can’t prevent a cat from molting, there are steps you can take to minimize it.

The American shorthair species is no different. And because the pet has short fur the cat undergoes moderate shedding. That also implies moderate grooming requirements.

However, some factors may make the cat species undergo much shedding:


When the season changes, the American shorthair’s coat similarly changes to adapt to the new season. That way, the pet doesn’t suffer on account of the weather.

For example, winter is characterized by low temperatures. Thus, shortly before winter begins the cat sheds the existing fur to give way to a thick winter coat. The dense coat helps the feline friend brave the chilly weather.

On the other hand, as the summer approaches, the American shorthair cat loses its thick winter coat and grows thin fur that adapts to summer weather.

Thus during the transition of seasons, you’ll notice a significant increase in the loss of fur.

Skin Irritations

Irritations on the skin often are a result of fleas or allergic reactions. Severe attack by fleas and mites causes uncontrollable itching on the skin.

As a result, the feline friend can’t resist the urge to scratch the affected spots on the skin. Severe itching induces constant scratching of the coat. In turn, such a cat suffers patches of bald spots.

That’s why during grooming exercises, take a keen observation of your pet’s coat and skin. Red marks on the skin and specks on the coat could mean parasite infestation. As soon as you notice their presence, address the issue.

Besides fleas and allergies, other diseases, for example, hyperthyroidism can also make a cat shed more than the usual amount of fur.


Just like human beings, diet affects a cat’s overall skin and fur appearance. A balanced diet produces a glowing coat and firmly-rooted fur.

On the other hand, when the American shorthair cat lucks the crucial nutrients, her coat grows dry and dull. Also, such a coat possesses weak roots that easily give way. A cat-balanced diet is hence necessary.

High Level of Stress

Another cause of excessive fur loss in American shorthair cats is a high degree of stress. There are various causes of stress in cats:

Bringing home a new pet stresses your American shorthair cat. Besides competing for attention, it also takes time for the two to build close ties.

Similarly, relocating to a new apartment or neighborhood also induces much stress in the feline friend.

When facing stress, the cats can relocate to a lonely spot or keep off your sight. Addressing the issue that’s contributing to stress is thus helpful.

How Can You Manage the Shedding in the American Shorthair Cats?

Unfortunately, you can’t stop a cat from shedding. But there are several steps you can take to minimize the degree of shedding.

Below are the steps for minimizing cat shedding:

Brushing of the Coat

Cats with long coats are more prone to matting than shorthaired species. Regular brushing of the coat removes such tangling.

However, you can also cut down on the American shorthair cat shedding through brushing. Besides detangling, it eliminates loose hair and prevents the cat from ingesting fur.

Brushing the shorthaired cat once a week reduces the amount of fur she spreads on your couch and clothes.

After brushing the cat, you can wipe her coat with a barely damp towel.

Addressing the Underlying Health Problem

If the excessive fur shedding is due to health-related or stress issues, addressing the root cause of the problem helps. Feed your cat a balanced diet as recommended by your vet. Otherwise, for health-related complications, consult a vet.


So do the American shorthair cats shed? Yes, shorthair cats shed a moderate amount of fur daily. However, certain factors can increase the rate of fur shedding.

A change in season, poor diet, high levels of stress, fleas, and mite infestation can cause a high rate of fur loss.

You can’t stop a cat from shedding fur. But through regular grooming, putting the feline friend on the right diet, and controlling parasites, you can minimize the degree of shedding in the American shorthair cat.