Do Abyssinian Cats Shed? All Your Questions Answered

A cat is one of the most common pets people keep around the home. But a low-shedding cat is easier to keep than a breed that sheds to a high degree.

Therefore, the question often arises, do Abyssinian cats shed? Is it a low or high-maintenance cat breed? Read through the post and get comprehensive answers to the questions and much more.

The Basics About Abyssinian Cats

The Abyssinian cat breed originated from the northern part of Ethiopia. Often the pet is curious, intelligent, and can coexist with dogs.

And because of their high intelligence, the Abyssinian cat can easily master your routine around the house. That includes your waking up time, her feeding time, and even when you leave for work. Some even play fetch games!

Their thick short coat and almond-like eyes make them a rare beauty. You can find the Abyssinian cat in various colors including ruddy, fawn, cinnamon, and clue.

Although some Abyssinian cats don’t enjoy perching on your lap, they are social and attention-craving cats.

Do Abyssinian Cats Shed?

As said the Abyssinian cat has short thick fur. For that reason, during the off-season, the breed undergoes light to moderate shedding.

Shedding is a must part of a cat’s life that you can’t eliminate. Through shedding, the animal does away with overgrown and unwanted fur.

Does the Abyssinian Cat Shed a Lot?

Abyssinian cat has short hair and thus doesn’t shed a lot like other long-haired cats. Brushing the cat once or twice a week is all that it requires. It then follows that the Abyssinian cat is a low-maintenance cat.

How Frequently Does an Abyssinian Cat Shed?

Like all other cats, the Abyssinian grooms her coat daily and thus loses an insignificant amount of fur.

Further, the frequency and the amount of fur the cat breed sheds depends on the following:

Change in Season

Besides the daily loss of fur during grooming, the Abyssinian cat’s shedding climaxes in spring and fall. As we enter the cold months, the cat sheds the light undercoat and wears another thick coat. That way, the Abyssinian feels warm in the winter.

Indoor or Outdoor Cat

The shedding trend also depends on whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat. Outdoor cats tend to respond faster to changes in the outdoor weather than indoor cats.

On the other hand, the indoor cat shedding habit depends on the room heating devices. The prevailing room temperature (as influenced by heaters and air conditioners) may make the cat shed more or less frequently.

Poor Health

On the ordinary, the Abyssinian cat is a low shedder. But poor health can transform the cat into a high shedder. Underlying health conditions and diseases may cause the cat to shed more often than normal.

Shrieking Noise and Stress

Stress and anxiety destabilize the usual shedding pattern of a cat. High-pitched noise, the arrival of a new pet, or relocating to a new home can stress the pet.

And one way a cat uses to relieve stress is by grooming herself. Through the frequent licking and scratching herself, the pet overgrooms and loses more fur than necessary.

Attack by Fleas and Ticks

When your Abyssinian cat has numerous fleas and ticks in her coat, it changes her shedding frequency and amount. Ticks and fleas cause unbearable itching in the skin. Your cat then responds by licking or chewing on the itchy spots. With time the animal develops bald spots.

So How Can You Manage the Abyssinian Shedding Trend?

You can’t stop an Abyssinian cat from shedding. However, there are measures you can put in place to check on excessive shedding. That includes the following:

Feeding Her a Healthy Diet

One way to cut down on shedding is ensuring your cat feeds on a healthy diet. The diet should provide protein, vitamins, fats, and other essential nutrients.

You can consider visiting a vet to help you formulate a balanced cat diet. Mixing wet and dry foods also boost the essential nutrients your pet requires.

A healthy diet translates into a shiny coat and strong hair roots.

Regular Brushing

Cats self-grooming may not be enough. Once or twice a week, find the right time to brush the cat. Through brushing, you remove the loose fur and dander that would otherwise scatter around.

Schedule Regular Visits to the Vet

You need to schedule regular visits to your vet depending on the age and health status of your cat. Talk to your vet so that you establish a suitable visitation calendar.

Regular checkups and visits help address underlying health issues in time. That way, you get to prevent abnormal shedding habits in the Abyssinian.

Are Abyssinian Cats Hypoallergenic?

Usually, cat allergy is due to the protein element in the cat dander and saliva. As the cat licks fur, the allergen spreads to the coat. The shedding only helps to disburse the allergen in the air.

So, although the Abyssinian cat isn’t completely hypoallergenic, it has reduced chances of causing the allergy.

Hence, Do Abyssinian Cats Shed?

The Abyssinian cat has a soft short coat and thus sheds. But when you compare the breed to other cats that have long hair, an Abyssinian cat is a low to moderate-shedding breed.

However, during spring and Autumn, the shedding becomes significantly noticeable. In addition, if the animal suffers from an underlying health condition, is stressed out, or feeds on a poor diet the pet sheds a lot.

You need to watch your cat’s shedding pattern for any sign of an anomaly. And if you suspect any problem, don’t hesitate to visit your vet.