Can you Shave a Cat?

A well-groomed cat is an adorable pet to have around the house. But besides regular brushing, can you shave a cat? When your feline friend has matted hair, some wounds, or suffers excessive shedding of fur, what should you do? Can you shave a cat? Read on to find out how to go about the… Continue reading Can you Shave a Cat?

When do Cats Shed the Most?

Is your cat shedding so much that you can make a blanket from its fur? Are you concerned about the cat fur all around the house demanding a vacuum more than usual? Does your cat hack up regurgitated fur balls? If so, your kitty might be suffering from seasonal shedding or certain health conditions. So,… Continue reading When do Cats Shed the Most?

Is Cat Grooming Necessary?

Cats like to keep themselves clean. You can often find a cat licking at her fur. So, is cat grooming necessary? Yes, a cat makes a significant effort to keep herself clean. Sometimes her effort isn’t enough and a helping hand is necessary. For instance, taking care of overgrown nails and smelly fur are some… Continue reading Is Cat Grooming Necessary?