Cat Grooming Flea Bath; The 101 Tips

Flea infestation on a cat has numerous negative health impacts on the pet. It can cause skin irritation, loss of hair, allergies, and transmit other harmful parasites.

And if you don’t check on the parasites, the fleas spread to your clothes and the padded chair. Soon after everybody has their share of discomfort caused by the fleas.

One method to thwart their manifestation is through a cat grooming flea bath.

Although cats don’t like water, when you exercise patience and employ the tips below, you are likely to succeed in giving them a flea bath.

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Preparations Before a Cat Grooming Flea Bath

One step towards succeeding in giving your cat a flea bath is to make adequate preparations. That includes the following;

Gather the Items You Need

Identify and gather all the items you need. Most cats aren’t water friendly. So, once you begin the task, don’t break midway.

Typically, you’ll require items such as;

Pair of Gloves

You need to wear pair of gloves on your hands to protect you from unforeseen cat bites and scratches.

Cat Toys and Treats

If the animal gets nervous, giving her treats and toys can help calm her down.

Cat-Friendly Shampoo

Don’t pick any shampoo around. Instead, opt for vet-recommended shampoo that’s friendly to the cat but kills fleas.

Cotton Balls

During the bath, water shouldn’t get into the cat’s ears. A pair of cotton balls help protect her ears.

Soft Towels

The soft towels help in drying up the pet soon after the bath. Further, you can spread a towel on the tub to seal the slippery surface.

Flea Comb

Before having a cat grooming flea bath, brush the pet’s coat using a flea comb. That way, you eliminate the loose hair and some fleas too.

Lukewarm Water

Cats easily get irritated by cold water. So have lukewarm water on standby.

Trim Her Claws

Cats can get nervous when you try to bathe them. So, it’s wise to trim her claws before (a day before the event) introducing the flea bath. Doing so reduces the intensity of harm you may get from the animal.

Brush Her Coat

Brushing the cat’s coat removes loose fur and fleas. It also calms the pet and therefore prepares her for the grooming flea bath.

How to Give a Cat Grooming Flea Bath (Steps)

Prepare the Tub

Lay a towel at the bottom of the tub. A slippery ground can easily ignite nervousness in the cat. After that, pour the lukewarm soapy water into the tub.

Don’t fill it to the brim; a water depth of about two or three inches is more than enough. The water depth should not go past the cat’s belly. If necessary, introduce a calming diffuser into the room.

Prepare Shampoo Water Solution in a Bowl

Mix some shampoo with water and keep it in a nearby bowl. While combing her coat, some fleas may try to escape, so you’ll dump them in the solution.

Bring the Cat

Next, bring your cat closer. While maintaining a gentle posture, use the cotton balls to block water from entering the pet’s ears.

Introduce Her to the Water- Go Slowly

Don’t plunge the cat into the soapy lukewarm water. Otherwise, she will forever hate and repel bathing time. The pet needs to trust you and the water.

Therefore, go slow with the process. For example, you can try wetting her paws first. Alternatively, you can trick her into touching the water. Put one of her best treats or toys into the tub and see if she goes after it.

Wet Other Parts

Once the cat gets used to water and calms down, wet other parts. You can use a sponge, scoop water with your hand, or a cup. But, don’t use a hose- it’s sure to scare the pet. Also, don’t put water on her face.

Apply Shampoo – the Neck First

After wetting the cat, proceed to apply the cat-friendly shampoo. Squeeze out the shampoo and apply it around the neck first.

Any flea that tries to escape won’t pass the barrier to the head. Then spread another line of shampoo on the back and sides.

Lather the Shampoo in Flea-Prone Zones

Gently lather the shampoo on the cat’s body. However, ensure it doesn’t trickle into the ears or eyes.

Ensure the shampoo reaches the parts where fleas normally hide. Such areas include the back of the ears, belly, entire tail, legs, and neck region.

Comb Out the Flea

Once the shampoo solution penetrates the coat, the fleas will attempt to escape. Therefore, watch out.

When they try to flee, comb and dump them into the shampoo solution in the nearby bowl. Continue to work the shampoo into the coat for about five minutes.

Keep the Cat Calm

As you continue with the task, help the cat maintain a calm posture. You can try tricks such as offering treats, and toys and talking to the pet in a low soothing tone.

Rinse the Cat Thoroughly

After about five minutes of bathing, rinse the cat. Like before, don’t pour down a jug of water or use a hose on the cat. But eliminate all traces of the shampoo from the cat.

The sound of draining water from the tub may scare the pet. So, the best option is to use a cup to scoop clean rinsing water. Ensure it’s of the right temperature (neither cold nor warm).

If the tub has two sections, it becomes easier to wash and rinse the pet in separate sections.

Dry the cat

Take the cat from the tub and remove the cotton balls you had inserted on the ears. Use a soft towel to dry off your feline friend completely.

Keep off using a hair dryer as the noise intensity and heat it produces aren’t cat-friendly. Meanwhile, let somebody finish off drying the cat as you embark on cleaning the tub and other tools before the parasites escape.

Clean the Pieces of Equipment Used

While your helper dries the pet, clean up the tools and equipment you have used. Otherwise, the flea and the eggs might spread to other places.

So, dispose of the flea trapped in the bowl and drain the tub. Rinse the equipment with hot water.

And don’t forget to pamper the cat with her favorite treats.


What’s the Best Time for Having a Cat Grooming a Flea Bath?

The best time to have a cat grooming flea bath is after a tiring play with your pet. You are most likely to find her relaxed and friendly.

How Frequently Should You Give Your Cat a Flea Bath?

When your cat has fleas, give her a grooming bath every four weeks. Such regular bathing and brushing combined with other medication will eradicate the parasites.

How Do You Protect the Cat and Your House from Flea Infestation?

Implement the following tips to curb the spread of fleas:

  • Contact your vet for the ideal spot-on flea treatments.
  • Make use of oral or chewable pills.
  • Vacuum the carpets, sofa sets, and crevices. Keep the bedding clean. If you notice signs of fleas in the house, consider having a flea spray treatment.


Keep a check on your feline friend for signs of flea infestation. As soon as you notice their presence, fight them with the best treatment as your vet recommends.

In addition, the CDC recommends giving your pet a regular cat grooming bath helps to keep the bloodthirsty fleas at bay.