Best Dog Nail Clippers with Led Light as Seen on TV

Most pet owners understand the importance of nail trimming. But, when you have the wrong tool, it becomes stressful and you stand a high chance of causing injury to your pet.

The best dog nail clippers with LED lights as seen on TV, promise to make the exercise safe, easy and quick. A high-intensity light helps reveal the bloodline on the nail and thus supports a safe trimming of the nail.

Here are such pet nail clippers with LED lights to try out:

Best Dog Nail Clippers with Led Light as Seen on TV

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Allstar Innovations PetiCare Dog Clipper with LED Light

The Allstar innovations Peticare promises to simplify nail trimming tasks. Therefore, it employs four extra bright Led lights at strategic locations. They illuminate the pet’s toe, revealing the bloodline and thus helping you make a safe trim on the nails.

Besides, it also has a powerful lens of 5 times magnifying ability. That further makes it easy to locate the right spot to trim your dog’s nails.

Interestingly the nail clipper also traps the bits of nails removed thus making clean work easier. You then won’t have to stoop on the floor looking for nail clippings. Its lower and upper handle feels comfortable yet supports a fine grip.

As for the blade, it uses hardened steel material. Therefore, you can make a quick struggle-free cut on the nail. Owing to its size, you can use it to trim dog and cat nails without any trouble

What We Like About It:

  • On and off switch for light
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to reach blade replacement lever
  • Support safe nail trimming

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Difficult to remove the tube holding the batteries

Pawsibility – Reinvented Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs

One distinguishing feature of the Pawsibility nail clipper is its rechargeable battery. So it frees you from the stress of frequent purchase of batteries.

The built-in lithium cell powers bright LED lights. As a result, it improves your visibility of nails to make safe trimming. Its bright light makes it easy to locate the bloodline on white and brown nails.

Unlike other clippers that scatter nail clippings, the Pawsibility clipper traps the cut nails. Cleaning afterward becomes trouble-free.

Its cutting blade is a wide, sharp, and sturdy stainless steel material. And, it provides comfortable nail clipping for both cats and dogs.

The easy to retrieve retractable nail file provides a smooth finish on the nails. Its handle uses a comfortable grip material. Added to its lightness, you won’t worry about fatigue in your fingers.

What We Like About It:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Nail trapping box
  • On/off switch
  • Doubles as a nail file

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Its LED light is less efficient on dark nails

Helishy Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper

The Helishy pet nail clipper has a promising blade. Its blade is of hardened titanium steel. Furthermore, it boasts a knife-edge blade gap of up to 12mm. That means it can clip the thick nails of even large dog breeds.

An over-clipping of the nail causes injury and instills fear and a spirit of uncooperativeness in pets. That’s why the Helishy has super bright LED lights at the tip. It hence illuminates the nail to reveal the delicate bloodline. By doing so it discourages over clipping.

Besides the bright light, it also has a powerful lens that magnifies the nails five times. When you combine the LED light and the magnifying lens, the clipping tool does the task safely.

From its ergonomic handle, you can grip the clipping tool with one hand as the other hand handles the pet’s toe. And during the exercise, the nail clipper further traps the bits of trimmed nails.

What We Like About It:

  • Easy to use
  • Produces very minimal noise
  • Convenient blade replacement lever
  • Quick to access battery compartment

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • A few plastic parts

OHHLION Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

Many pet owners agree that the Ohhlion clipper supports a comfortable grip and is easy to maneuver. It doesn’t matter whether you are left or right-handed.

Its blade design also singles it out. The sturdy, thick and sharp blades register efficient performance over rolled edge blades. As a result, it discourages the splitting of nails.

Cleverly it combines dual LEDs and high capacity batteries to produce extra bright and long-lasting illumination. Thus you can easily mark out the blood vessels and avoid clipping-related injuries. In ordinary use, its battery lasts about one year.

Its design further discourages over clipping and splashing of nail fragments, thanks to the safety flap feature.

What We Like About It:

  • Sharp and efficient blade design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Works on all breeds of cats and dogs
  • Safety lock feature
  • Safety flaps prevent over trimming

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Light less effective on black nails

Petgravity Cat Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer with LED Light

Two features easily distinguish the Petgravity clipper from its competitors; easy to hold and use. Whether you have small or large hands, the pet clipper offers a comfortable and firm grip. Besides, it has a feature that prevents the lower and upper handle from trapping your fingers.

Its body is of hard steel material encapsulated with ABS plastic. For that reason, it’s durable and doesn’t bend, or rust. Its size best suits small to medium size dogs, cats and rabbits.

At the tip, it has extra bright LEDs that run on a 3 LR44 battery.

Petgravity isn’t like other irritating clippers that struggle or split nails. At the core, it employs a sharp and sturdy stainless steel blade that offers a one-step cut.

Further, its half-moon design makes it even friendlier with pet toes and nails. After clipping, you use the nail file to smoothen the sharp edges of the nails.

What We Like About It:

  • Easy to hold and use
  • A sharp blade that gives a one-step cut
  • Detachable cover that traps trimmed nails
  • Energy efficient

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Struggles clipping nails of large dog breeds

 CLAWESY – LED Dog Nail Clipper Nail Trimmer with Light

Clawesy puts safety first. When not in use, engage the safety lock feature and prevent accident cuts. During operation the safety guard plate checks against over-trimming of pet nails.

The professional dog clipper has two inbuilt LED lights that you can switch on and off. It hence illuminates nails and gives way to quick and safe trimming. You, therefore, have less chance of causing your pet injuries.

Its stainless steel blade is sharp, sturdy, and thus doesn’t deform pet nails. When you hold the slip-resistant handles, it feels firm and gives enough leverage. And one of the handles has a nail file. So after trimming you can smoothen out sharp nail edges.

The nail trimmer uses easy-to-find batteries. You can use it on both large and small dog breeds.

What We Like About It:

  • Dual color options
  • Built-in nail file provides smooth polishing
  • The safety lock feature rules against accidental cuts during storage
  • Stainless steel blade gives quick and precious cuts
  • Very sharp

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Few complaints about light dimming

Hesiry Cat Nail Clippers & Dog Claw Trimmer with Anti-overclipping LED Light

Talk of a simple but effective pet nail clipper and Hesiry stands out among the best dog nail clippers. Though it has a minimalist look, its stainless steel blade effectively trims nails in one cut.

The trimmer even has a nail file embedded on the handle. Hence after trimming the nails you polish them with the inbuilt file. The embedded nail file means there is no chance of you losing it. Its entire length fits most hands and so making it trouble-free to maneuver.

Most previous pet owners admire its lightweight and sharp blade.

What We Like About It:

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Powerful anti over clipping LED lights
  • Embedded nail file

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • The nail splashing guard is improperly located

Walkinnwith Lookut PRO Dog Nail Clippers for Large Dogs with LED Light

The Walkinnwith has all the features that you need to go through pet nail clipping quickly and safely. Its design suits dog breeds that have a maximum weight of 80lbs.

Its blade is super sharp and trims up to 0.4 inches thick nails. Besides the sharpness, it’s super quiet and therefore doesn’t startle your pet.

Furthermore, it uses super bright LEDs near the nails for maximum illumination. For extra hairy dog breeds, it has a tool (Showcut Paw hairband) that helps you shield away hair to reveal the nail.

Some pet clippers are difficult to hold in one hand. Walkinnwith is not only easy to grip but has a clipper stand too. So it promises to make pet trimming exercise an enjoyable task.

What We Like About It:

  • Sturdy and razor-sharp blade
  • Quiet cut
  • Doubles as a nail trapper
  • Added accessories make nail trimming easier

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Non-rechargeable battery

Aynone Dog Nail Clippers with LED Light Safety Guard to Avoid Over-Cutting Nails

When you have the Aynone dog clippers you won’t get nervous whenever nail clipping time approaches. That’s because the nail trimmer produces a bright light. You can then make a safe cut without causing injury to the pet.

Although it uses a hardened steel blade, the dog clipper requires very minimal effort. As part of the package, you get a nail clipper, pet nail file, and comb.

Fragments of trimmed nails that splash in every direction are difficult to trace. But this pet grooming tool uses a transparent nail flap to contain the bits of nails trimmed. That makes cleaning easier.

Its half-moon-shaped blade and anti-slip handles make it convenient and trouble-free to maneuver. Besides, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against the product.

What We Like About It:

  • Complete with batteries
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Easy to maneuver
  • One step cutting mechanism

What We Didn’t Like About It:

  • Faint but tolerable pinch in the hands

How to Choose a Good Dog Nail Clipper with LED Light as Seen on TV

When choosing the right dog nail clippers as seen on TVs reflect on the following points;


It should fit your hands comfortably and is easy to maneuver. Otherwise, if you struggle to hold it, the clipper will hinder the safe clipping of the pet nail.

Also, ensure it has the right blade hole (gap) to fit your dog. A small blade gap allowance may not fit large dog breeds.

Quality of Blade

The blade should be sturdy, sharp, and rustproof. It’s only the sharp blade that makes a clean one-step cut of the nails. Otherwise, it may splinter and cause injury to the pet.

Safety Oriented

The design of the clipper should concentrate on the safety of both parties. For example, the LED light should be extra bright and strategically positioned to illuminate the nail correctly.

Only a high-intensity light helps see the bloodline boundary in the pet nail. Also, the safety lock feature prevents accidental cuts during storage.

Slip-Proof Handle

A slip-proof handle is ideal. Once you have established the right position to grip the trimmer, it should slide off and cause an unintended cut. On that note, a rubberized handle is the better option.

Durable Design

The grooming equipment should have a durable design. And so the core material and how it has been joined counts.

Additional Features

The best dog nail clipper should support stress-free nail trimming. Therefore additional features such as nail trapper, file, and magnification lens boost its ease of use.

Source of Power

All dog nail clippers with LED lights must have a source of energy. Ideally, a rechargeable battery is the best. Otherwise, ensure that the non-rechargeable cells are easy to find. Further, they should have the ability to power the equipment for a longer period.


When you choose the best dog nail clippers as seen on TV, pet nail trimming becomes easy, quick, and safe. Take note of the dog breed you own, its nail type, and color. And having gathered that data, you are a step closer to choosing the right nail clipper for your dog.